We pioneered owned user-generated content through BYLINED. With TAPTAGSIGN™, we're continuing to pave the way with owned UGC.


Dozens of platforms exist to help brands and businesses curate, collect, and reuse earned user-generated content. These platforms believe that by simply sending a friendly message to content creators, asking permission to reuse their content and having them respond using an #Approve hashtag or something similar is enough to protect brands from any potential liability.

In the legal community, that's called 'implied consent' and implied consent is the equivalent of an assumption. Because in this scenario, we're assuming the person sharing the content is the person who created the content.

Only the person who actually created the content (the copyright owner) can transfer the copyright, giving a brand permission to reuse it.

Imagine standing in front of a judge and stating the following:

We assumed the person who gave us permission to reuse their UGC for our digital, print, and social campaigns was the person who took the photo...

We assumed the people (or models) in the photo were okay with us using their likeness for our digital and social media campaigns...

Just as there are dozens of platforms that exist to help brands secure 'implied consent' agreements, there are just as many brands that have been sued by consumers for wrongfully using their UGC without proper permissions, model releases, and more. Every year.


Our platform focuses on providing brands owned UGC by 1.) confirming the actual content creator (the copyright owner) by collecting and analyzing UGC metadata in order to validate copyright ownership, 2.) providing consideration (or compensation) for copyright transference, and 3.) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for the identification of models, then secures the proper model releases and signatures from them. 

And our solution is the first-and-only patented solution to do so - electronically and automagically.

And we're just getting started.


User-generated content is the future for marketers and brands and the demand for it grows each and every day. We believe the future of user-generated content must evolve from earned to owned. Because when brands and marketers own their UGC, they can use their UGC anytime & anywhere without worry of liability.

We strongly believe in TAPTAGSIGN and the importance of UGC ownership for brands and marketers and intend to integrate TAPTAGSIGN in our user-generated content campaigns.
— Craig Lerner, President of Involve